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Property Sales and Lettings Dubai

Bespoke website build with property management system design and built to customer specifications.
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Education Provider in the UAE

Designed and built to end-user specifications.

Built on WordPress base. Fully Responsive.

Customised Theme, plug-ins and interactions.
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Freelance Businesses

Fully functioning, cost-effective bespoke websites.

A fully integrated Blog.

User able to upload images into their own Gallery from their browser without any assistance.
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eCommerce Wholesale Platform

Managed Magento integration.

Plug-in installation.

Website styling.

Banner creation.

Newsletter / banner set up and design.
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Local Health Provider in the UAE

Fully functioning, cost-effective bespoke website.

Designed, built and hosted by Aquila
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Sports Club in the UAE

Responsive WordPress installation with integrated, animated sliders, events calendars and much more.
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Full Scale eCommerce

Complete overhaul of the eCommerce backend and the end-user experience.

Google rankings improved from non-existent to top scores within one month.

Fully integrated video into the website.

Newsletter Signup streamlined and Newsletter design overhauled.

A complete solution.
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Online Education Provider

Fully functioning, cost-effective bespoke website.

Fully integrated video.

Integration with LinkedIn.

Designed, built and hosted by Aquila